TSA Frisky DEMO Update v1.2

Hello again!

We're pushing out some more updates today that addresses some janky crap and adding a couple more features. We've changed up the inputs on the Oculus Rift's Touch controllers for ease of use, we've added a "How To Play" video in the tutorial slideshow, and we've fixed the in-game timer so it will stop the moment you let both the suitcase and passenger through. As far as future updates for this demo, there won't be any. UNLESS there are some unforeseen game-breaking bugs in which case we will be more than happy to address the issues and push out more updates. So if you can't get enough of our Demo and want more updates, then break it, log it, report it, email us, fill out our survey, and we'll fix it. We appreciate everyone's support and all of the content creators that have been enjoying our game so far! We'll be keeping everyone updated with development and maybe show some sneak peaks of some future content. Also keep an eye out for our Steam page!

Forever Frisky,
-The Logic Shaman


TSA Frisky DEMO v1.2 257 MB
Feb 21, 2018


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Just use "steam://install/805250" in your browser


hows to download like wtf


How do I download this?


How do I download this??